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Pre-Op Instructions

Before your procedure, Make sure to tell Dr. Walia:

Your normal medications and that you will be taking them unless otherwise instructed by Dr. WaliaIf you are taking aspirin daily

If you are on blood thinnersIf you are diabetic or have special diet restrictions

If you have a prosthetic joint less then 2 years oldIf you have an artificial heart valve or history or endocarditis

If you have been on bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, longer than 5 yearsThe purpose of most types of periodontal surgery is to gain access for the removal of bacterial deposits, to repair or regenerate tissues which have been damaged, or to place dental implants. To make your treatment as comfortable and effective as possible, it is important to observe the following instructions.

Have a good dinner and get a good night’s sleep before your appointment. A normal balanced breakfast is important beforehand, but avoid heavy or greasy food.Take any medications you usually take in the morning (such as blood pressure medicine) before coming in for your dental appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing that is loose enough to permit blood pressure cuffs and other monitors to be applied. Ladies, please do not apply lipstick or make-up, as we will do a facial prep before treatment. Also, ladies who have been prescribed Halcion should not wear fingernail polish as it will make monitoring of your pulse and oxygen level impossible.Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Smokers do not heal as well as non-smokers. If you smoke, it is best to quit before surgery. Otherwise, plan to avoid smoking for a least the first two weeks afterward.Avoid aspirin products for one week prior to your appointment.

Fill prescriptions before surgery if possible, so that on the day of surgery you may go home immediately afterward.Plan to be quietly at home the remainder of the day of surgery, and take it easy for the next two days. Do not plan physically strenuous activities during that period.

It is very important to stay well hydrated and nourished following surgery. This is no time for dieting. Have soft and nutritious foods such as instant breakfasts, soups, scrambled eggs, ice cream, tuna, and yogurt available following the treatment, as well as “Gatorade” or other sports drinks to use for the first few days.Please remember to turn off your cell phone. You will not be able to answer a call and ringing phones are a distraction to the staff.

Plan to arrive early enough to complete any necessary paperwork and to give yourself a few minutes to “cool-down” before your appointment. A restroom break is also important, as you may be reclining in a dental chair for up to two hours.If you have any questions about the planned treatment, please call.