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Office staff are also fantastic as is my dental hygienist! Highly recommend this office!

Mary Kay H. | May 25, 2024

Thank ya very much awesome team. Professional and friendly and caring at the same time. God Bless

Matthew M. | May 23, 2024

Staff and Dr. courteous, professional and friendly.

Blanca V. | May 21, 2024

Reassuring, knowledgeable dentist. Recognized and fixed my chronic dental problems and tooth pain! Highly recommend!

Puneet B. | May 08, 2024

Dr. Wallis was amazing! My case was a bit crazy, but he was gentle and nice. The office staff is kind and fun to interact with.

Kristi M. | Apr 25, 2024

Excellent, clean, professional, great experience with staff.

Juan U. | Apr 17, 2024

Exceptional great practice from Dr Cipriano, I’d highly recommend anyone who in need an endodontics service go to Dr. Cipriano. 30 years practice endo made him Arizona most wanted doctor in this field. My #3 tooth was told to be extracted by 2 different endo doctors, they did not want to touch it or scared to touch it, but Dr Cipriano looked it and told he can save it by the root canal retreatment, yes he did it wonderfully, he made me feel very confident and nervous free. It’s been my 2nd day of the 2nd treatment, it is all very good feeling and just waiting for my general dentist to do a crown for it. Thank you Dr Cipriano, will refer all my friend and family to you.

Jane X. | Apr 11, 2024

Dr. Walia is a wonderful Doctor and extremely professional in his work. The staff are friendly and helpful especially dealing with insurance questions. Dr Walia's assistant Erica is also excellent in supporting the doctor during my visit.

John H. | Apr 07, 2024

I got a dental implant procedure done by Dr. Walia. His professional skills & mannerism are beyond par & also amazingly professional office staff. I wish them great success!

Bobby T. | Apr 06, 2024

Very professional.. made me feel relaxed about all my dental problems. The staff was also very helpful and kind..

Gil S. | Mar 29, 2024

I’m very grateful for Dr. Walia and the team. They took good care of me from the beginning to the end of my implant procedure. It was easy, I felt comfortable and never had any issues. Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your hard work.

Jane C. | Mar 29, 2024

Excellent craftmanship, exquisite service, very friendly customer service. My smile is amazing. very happy with my choice to visit Dr. Walia. one stop dentures. My smile is beautiful.

Bill W. | Mar 23, 2024

I was scared to death. Everyone there was so nice the calming was alll on the staff. Before the procedure I was relaxed & ready. The procedure took several minutes. No pain! I’m so empressed. Great Dr. & staff. Are wonderful.

Sandi . | Mar 22, 2024


Khawla S. | Mar 16, 2024

Dr Walia and his staff are the absolute best in the business. I’ve spent most of my adult life in a dentist chair and they consistently provide the best care there is. Just started the process of getting four dental implants and the surgery was quick and painless. I already feel I’m on the path to a healthier mouth and smile. Thank you so much!

Michael N. | Mar 11, 2024

Dr Walia is great. I’m keeping him. He is my new dentist.

Sharon B. | Mar 08, 2024

Immediate checkin. Front office staff well informed and knowledgeable. The procedure was explained, Dr Walia and Erica were caring, compassionate and empathetic. Could not ask for a better experience or outcome. Thank you Dr Walia and Erica. Have recommended you to my close friends and family!

Puneet B. | Mar 02, 2024

It was great no problems

Rosa M. | Mar 01, 2024

My son went to Dr Cipriano for a challenging root canal procedure and he did an outstanding job. We were also thankful for his assistant Serena who was very helpful and understanding. We will go back if needed in the future.

Kim T. | Mar 01, 2024

Last time I was there he spent 2 seconds with me and rushed to leave the room. I felt that I had to begged for 2 minutes of his time to answer my questions.

Maria G. | Feb 29, 2024

I respect the confidence and skill of Dr Walia. Fast tooth extraction with minimal pain and fast recovery. Will return if need be.

Deirdre F. | Feb 29, 2024

Just had surgery and everything went great I thank Dr. walia and assistant Serena very kind!

Sylvia S. | Feb 28, 2024

Well this is my first time here and I am at a very pleasant service so I’m very pleased everything went very well thank you

Phyllis S. | Feb 27, 2024

Dr. Walia and assistant are amazing took my tooth right out no pain AMEN !!

Barbara B. | Feb 16, 2024

I had a root canal and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at any dental office. Dr. Cipriano was kind. He made it a very calm and pleasant experience. Definitely recommend!!!!

Janet H. | Feb 16, 2024

Explained everything well very nice Dr

Stephanie G. | Feb 15, 2024

Office staff, and dental assistants were pleasant, thorough, and answered my questions. Dr. Walia was professional and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend!

Rebecca C. | Feb 15, 2024

This has been such a smooth process. The Doctor and staff have been amazing. I would highly recommend Dr Walia

Mary R. | Feb 13, 2024

Dr. Walia and his nurse were surprised at the amount of work that was required until after they started the procedure. They completed the surgery after 1 hour and 45 minutes. The original surgery charge was left unchanged. Their care probably resulted in improving my long term health.

Glenn M. | Feb 10, 2024

Friendly staff and Serena was so sweet and helpful! Clear advice and information given and they were very accommodating to my lateness (I have a toddler so I’m chronically late

Marie H. | Feb 09, 2024

Great work! Very kind and did a great job. Would recommend this place to anyone

Yudesh R. | Feb 08, 2024

Fantastic experience. Friendly, helpful staff. Extreme attention to detail. Best dental office I've ever been to. Thank you.

Sandip S. | Feb 08, 2024

First time at this office after my dentist office closed. He said my pockets of plac were too deep for a deep cleaning. He wanted to do surgery to remove plac and put in bone for 5000.00 . Even though I have had deep cleaning every 3 months at my previous dentist office. He said there would not be a cleaning at his office unless I did if. So I walked out without my cleaning. While I was in the chair I heard him giving the same spill to the patient in the next cube about the surgery. I feel like this was a scam to drum up visits and revenue. They should not have turned down my cleaning.

Betty C. | Jan 13, 2024

I had to do my last implant today January 9th, 2024. My experience was beyond fantastic. Doctor Walia was amazing through all of his procedures. He was very accurate and very professional. The implant procedure took less than an hour. I had no pain before or after. No pain after I went home. I didn’t Swell at all. I ate my soft food as normal. I had no need to take any pain killer after the implant. I had no stitches. I am so impressed with my doctor and his team!!! Thank you so much and I very much appreciate you!!! Antonia Andrews

Antonia A. | Jan 11, 2024

Dr. Walia is great. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Jinal S. | Jan 09, 2024

Doctor showed that he cared and explained everything that it was doing the procedure and made me feel comfortable a great doctor

Flora A. | Dec 22, 2023

Dr Chanson Walla did a wonderful job on my first ever 3 molars extractions with minimal discomfort for placement of 3 implants. Did not have to wait as they got me in right on time for my appointment and all staff very professional in all areas. This means a great deal for those patients who are very anxious for this procedure! I will highly recommend Dr. Chanson Walia!

Patricia S. | Dec 20, 2023

Professional and courteous team, and Dr Walia is extremely good at what he does. He ensured that I felt no pain, and deftly performed the removal. Glad I chose them, and will recommend!

Dilip L. | Dec 20, 2023

I would absolutely recommend to anyone to go to this doctor use efficient to very good job very little pain and the whole office was actually very wonderful

James Y. | Dec 16, 2023

I was very nervous. Staff was really comforting. Looking forward to the end results. Thank you all

Janet K. | Dec 10, 2023

Excellent craftsmanship, exquisite service. Friendly customer service. A joy to have chosen Dr Walia, and his staff. My smile is beautiful.

William W. | Oct 22, 2023

They were right on time for my appt. Dr Walla and staff very professional friendly and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Walia

Patricia S. | Oct 20, 2023

Fantastic experience every time Thank you, Dr Walia, for mine and my family's excellent dental health Best dental practice I've ever been to

Sandip S. | Oct 14, 2023

Excellent job on a hard mouth. She looks marvelous . The staff was great from the front desk to the assistant. Thank you for the flowers they are so beautiful. Thank again for the fantastic work and kindness

Barnes V. | Sep 23, 2023

Very nice and pleasant front office staff. Everything went smooth and perfect, great Doc very informative and courteous.

Hitesh P. | Sep 18, 2023

Quick, painless, professional, definitely a good choice I had five teeth ripped out the most painful part of it was the novocaine which wasn't unbearable.

Ralph N. | Sep 16, 2023


Ismail D. | Sep 09, 2023

Dr. Walia and his staff are exceptional! Knowledgeable and provide great service! The staff is terrific, especially Erica! First Class!

Lane S. | Sep 07, 2023

Dr. Walia is very professional with a high standard and modern equipment. He will do everything to help you and he is very kind and modest. He was very supportive with my fears and very patient with me. We are still working together on my last implant. His assistant Erica is sweet and very warm with you and very professional. Jessica will go above and beyond to help you with all the details. I will highly recommend Dr. Walia and his team. Best Regards, Antonia Andrews

Antonia A. | Sep 02, 2023

Staff is also very helpful!

Ismail D. | Aug 27, 2023

super polite and fixed my gums!

Brooke N. | Aug 22, 2023

No pain

Michael C. | Aug 19, 2023

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommend! I was in excruciating pain and visited my Dr Walia yesterday. I'm extremely impressed with the quick diagnosis and immediate resolution of the issue. Today, I woke up pain-free, thanks to their expertise and care. Exceptional service!

Harsimran S. | Aug 03, 2023

Doctor and staff are so through and quick in getting things done. I consulted few doctors and felt comfortable to choose Dr. Wali and Jessica for my family orthodontic needs

Adi R. | Jul 22, 2023

I’m so happy to have found Dr. Walia . Great experience, extremely knowledgeable and professional. He and his staff are very kind and accommodating. I recommend him 100%

Janetlynne S. | Jul 21, 2023

Very good staff and doctor. Quick solutions provided by doctor

Murali M. | Jul 21, 2023

Prompt, polite and efficient service

Katherine W. | Jul 19, 2023

Very good dentist specializing in implants.

Norma V. | Jul 03, 2023

The dental technician did my deep cleaning procedure. She's very nice and professional. Did a great job.

Lyneta S. | Jun 16, 2023

The Doctor and staff are very pleasant and professional. I would recommend this office to family and friends.

Maria S. | Jun 14, 2023

Everyone’s accommodating and kind! From my consultation to the day of my oral surgery, I have a good experience!

Ronuel D. | Jun 10, 2023

The staff at Dr. Walia's is top rate. Every person I encountered was so helpful, caring and friendly, as well as professional. Dr. Walia is extremely skilled and proficient. I expected 4 dental implants to take much longer....2 hours total. It is the next day, and I am in minimal pain. Really impressed.

Diane L. | Jun 10, 2023

Awesome! Professional! Made me feel at ease!

Arlene S. | Jun 04, 2023

An absolutely amazing experience today with Dr Walia. From the minute I walked in and was greeted by the friendly ladies at the reception to my implant procedure I had done. The entire experience was 5 star. Phenomenal technology. Exceptional staff. If you are lucky enough to call Dr. Walia your dentist. You are lucky enough. Thank you all for everything.

David W. | May 27, 2023

The medical assistant was very good with explaining what was going on, and what to expect. Very calming and reassuring. The doctor was cordial. I enjoyed watching the video, and the explanation of what recommended procedure would entail. I was surprised at the cost though. Without insurance that would be completely impossible.

Misty M. | May 26, 2023

Dr Chandan is a very compassionate and very knowledgeable in the kind of job he does I am very happy with this practice and recommended to anybody that need a good periodontal doctor Dr chandan is your doctor. Thank you for everything that you are doing to get me back my life. Dr. Chandan was the only dentist that work in my mouth because I got bacteria that causes me a lot pain he was the only dentist that help thanks thanks. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Carmen N. | May 21, 2023

Fully satisfied!

Ismail D. | May 19, 2023

Friendly service

Kumar S. | May 18, 2023

OMG, 5 stars just isn’t enough for Dr. Wallia and his team! I’m extremely anxious due to some past experiences. I felt like I was in the best hands with Dr. Wallia, very knowledgeable, professional. I will continue my ongoing treatment and have recommended him to others. I’m feeling comfortable knowing exactly what needs to be done and you will have his undivided attention. I’m grateful to his patient office.

Janetlynne S. | May 13, 2023

Absolutely amazing... Kind friendly awesome. I had an emergency at 9a, they got me in that afternoon and helped me settle my nerves and fixed the issue while keeping me calm. Super, definitely coming back

Josh T. | May 07, 2023

everyone is very nice and helpful. thank you!

Destiny S. | May 03, 2023

Dr. Gonzales and the staff at Phoenician Dental are always pleasant, professional and accommodating.

Maryann S. | Apr 26, 2023

Always super nice and Jessica goes above and beyond

JODI W. | Mar 25, 2023

Still ongoing with dental implant (complicated due to my neglect) but, so far, incredible team. I almost never have to wait, team is responsive, and my medical difficulties (which some others passed on) all look like a thing of the past thanks to Dr Walia!

Douglas S. | Mar 24, 2023

Make me feel good about the process!! I’m usually scare !!

Ana A. | Mar 17, 2023

Once you make your first visit you will look no where else ! Dr. Walia is one of the best dentist I have ever met, he is so knowledgeable, fast and honest ! Couldn't believe how pain-free my bone grafting procedure was! He went out of his way to save my your teeth! I am beyond impressed and thankful for his work ! I also want to thank his wonderful staff that made everything so smooth and comfortable at my office visits.

Anna K. | Mar 15, 2023

Everyone was friendly And very helpful

Darla B. | Mar 15, 2023

So far my visit was an evaluation. But thus far vary reassuring. 2022 dental experience has left a bit of a new phobia. Dr. Wallia and his office team demonstrated a superior knowledge in what they do. I hope I get to finish what I went there for. Thank you for taking the time( with by the way was very well managed) to see and draw up an action plan. Lisa M. Hepler

Lisa H. | Mar 15, 2023

Dr Walia was very knowledgeable, informative, thorough, took time to review all findings with me. Made the visit painless!

Puneet B. | Mar 05, 2023

Great experience with work done. Dr. Walia said he needed 2-hours and he had me out of there with time to spare. Dr. Walia’s team went out of their way to make me comfortable, detailed about costs and helped with everything I needed to have procedures completed. Also want to thank Jessica for going out of her way to help me. Have already referred two new clients over to you guys! Thank you all!

Alrx R. | Feb 24, 2023

Staffs are knowledgeable and friendly

Thao H. | Feb 15, 2023

The entire staff has been professional, cordial, and thorough in their services. Highly recommended

Katherine W. | Jan 21, 2023

All the staff, including Dr. Walla, have been kind, professional, courteous, and super helpful. All my experiences have been positive and I highly recommend Dr. Walla and his staff to any one needing these services.

Reynaldo C. | Jan 17, 2023

Dr. Walia and the entire staff are great. They were all so easy to work with and accommodating if you’re a nervous Nelly around the dentist like I am!

Elizabeth L. | Dec 22, 2022

My teeth look good and feel great. So far so good. Nice professional friendly staff committed to my oral health.

M W. | Dec 16, 2022

Very good experience. Great people. I would recommend

Nicole C. | Dec 09, 2022

Professional careing team led by Dr. Walia. Bacterial issue cleaned up and bone graft. Continue to be under care.

Charles S. | Dec 08, 2022

Dr. Walia is the best! He did a bone graft on two infected implants. And placed a new implant. Dr. Walia is an excellent periodontist and truly excels with implants. I am happy and grateful to be in his care! Dr. Walia and all his staff are great!

Frances H. | Dec 02, 2022

Everyone at the office was professional, kind & informative.

Joann R. | Dec 01, 2022

Fr. Walia and his staff are very friendly and professional.I would recommend him to family and friends.

Doris S. | Nov 16, 2022

Dr. Walls and staff are very friendly and professional.

Doris S. | Nov 16, 2022

I am one of those dental patients that are very anxious about having any kind of work done on my teeth. I had a deep cleaning last week and was the process was completely painless. The hygienist was kind and put me completely at ease. I would highly recommend this office.

Cathy S. | Nov 14, 2022

Oh my goodness— everyone was SOOO professional— all of the staff were so caring— Dr. Walia was so kind and gentle— and understanding— and ERICA—she was THE BEST THERE IS—Dr. Walia is so lucky to have her—I would recommend this office to anyone who wants the very best care and professional service!

Margaret G. | Nov 10, 2022

Dr Walia and staff were very kind, helpful and friendly and professional.

Lucy K. | Nov 08, 2022

We had an amazing experience with Dr Walia. He took the time to listen to all of the concerns and gave us all the possible options of care. He gave his honest and professional opinions which was so refreshing. We would definitely recommend Dr Walia.

Brandon T. | Oct 21, 2022

Dr Sedell did my root canal, and it was great. I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing. Thank you!

Tyler C. | Oct 18, 2022

Thank you to Dr. Walia, Erica and the entire staff. Everyone is so kind and exudes patience. I fractured a tooth Tuesday and on Thursday I was in his dental chair having a procedure, definitely not how I thought my week would go but I am so glad that I was referred to IPA. Dr. Walia, was a lifesaver of immediate pain relief. For anyone who has had tooth pain, knows what that is like.

Fawn C. | Oct 14, 2022

Dr and staff were friendly and professional.

Ana C. | Oct 12, 2022

Great experience except for taking my tooth out…. I didnt want to lol great service wonderful staff quick clean and very proffesional

Marcos David C. | Oct 04, 2022

Let’s just start off by saying that Dr. Walia is officially the GOAT, if you know.. then you know what I mean. Imagine coming into his office in pain, leaving feeling assured that the pain is no longer there. Although I had some anxiety here and there, his office made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Very professional as well. Thanks again

Aliyah H. | Oct 01, 2022

I had the left side of the mouth deep cleaning done. No pain. I was given some information on the use of a waterpik. I had the water going everywhere. I like the idea of using it in the shower.

Doris S. | Sep 30, 2022

Dr. Walia was so kind, gentle & patient with me the entire process of my wisdom teeth extraction. Along with his staff members…. equally just as amazing as Dr. Walia. I feel extremely confident & comfortable recommending friends and family to Dr. Walia and his team. Thank you and your staff for making my experience so joyful. - Jayden S ☺️

Jayden S. | Sep 29, 2022

Very professional and friendly. I had a extraction of erupted tooth with bone removed within minutes and no pain.

Ogler D. | Sep 28, 2022

Fantastic experience.

Doris S. | Sep 26, 2022

I had deep cleaning gum work done on the right side of my mouth. The young lady who performed the cleaning did a great job. She put a liquid on my gums and I felted little discomfort. She was very neat throughout the process. The best deep cleaning every. She also took the time to educate me on how to use a tooth brush or electric toothbrush correctly. Also a water pit would help. Next week I will have my left side done.

Doris S. | Sep 24, 2022

Thank you staff for fitting us in. Making us feel like part of the family with such a warm waiting area! Every detail of this place was amazingly Fabolous. See you all soon.. Mike,

Michael B. | Sep 24, 2022

Thx to the staff for all the questions you answered especially Karen. I now feel confident that I have chosen the best office to do my extensive work that I need.

Vicki R. | Aug 31, 2022

Fantastic experience as always. So helpful and professional. Wouldn’t trust my gums to anyone else!

Michael N. | Aug 04, 2022

Very friendly environment. Everyone seemed quite knowledgeable.

Oswald S. | Jul 28, 2022

Very professional nice atmosphere

Saad T. | Jul 20, 2022

It seems that meetings have priority over patients at this office,...respect ur patients, there time is as valuable as urs,...

James P. | Jul 15, 2022

Office staff is helpful , Dr. Walia is very informative with all feedback. It’s worth the drive , for a great specialist.

Chrisy B. | Jul 14, 2022

I had very good impression a few years ago when I had tooth implants with Dr. Walia. So without hesitation, I went to have implants for my other tooth recently to Dr. Walia. Overall good experience again. Also staff are friendly and very helpful.

Yan D. | Jul 05, 2022

Was made to feel like I was a priority, the staff was so friendly! Most importantly they were patient if I didn't understand something. They took the time to explain thngs. Dr. Walia explained each step of .the procedure..

Nanvy C. | Jun 30, 2022

Friendly and highly professional staff. They are very attentive to patients’ problem and provide good service. I would recommend them to anyone.

N C. | Jun 29, 2022

They have a Lot of patience, and do Great Work.

Larry T. | Jun 28, 2022

The front desk and the Hygienist gave excellent service.

Ray R. | Jun 23, 2022

Relaxed, staff was kind and attentive.

Nancy C. | Jun 16, 2022

Great customer service and staff

Elizabeth B. | Jun 07, 2022

I had a decades old crown and root canal that was failing and becoming infected. Dr performed an extraction and implant. The extraction was essentially painless, and I did not need pain medication after the first night. His staff were efficient and friendly. I am grateful for expert modern dentistry!

Bill G. | May 10, 2022


Randall H. | May 01, 2022

Friendly and professional service.

Henried B. | Apr 27, 2022

Very professional and straight forward

Saad T. | Apr 21, 2022

Very nice, sweet and friendly workers.

Evelyn D. | Apr 08, 2022

Thank you to the whole staff of IPA!! They were able to fix my issue very quickly. They were so helpful and I never felt pressured. I’m really lucky that I found them.

Leslie L. | Apr 08, 2022

Everyone was kind and professional . Helped me the same day I came in .

Jill M. | Mar 31, 2022

Excelente job Thank you

Pedro S. | Mar 31, 2022

Very professional and organized. Everyone in the staff was very nice. I really appreciate the effort for my care.

Barbara H. | Mar 30, 2022

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Walia took good care and made sure I was comfortable with the process and is very good with his work.

Frankie B. | Mar 30, 2022

I would recommend this practice to anyone. I had to get a tooth extracted after a bad accident. Dr. Walia and his staff are exceptional. They made the entire experience great. I truly feel Dr. Walia went above and beyond with my dental implant. He even helped secure a temporary tooth so that my smile could appear intact while my implant healed. The staff are the nicest people as well. IPA has a great team.

Audrey B. | Mar 11, 2022

This office is wonderful. I have total confidence in all of the staff here. They are very professional and honest. If you are in need of their expertise they will help you find your way to the perfect smile.

Beverly L. | Mar 09, 2022

Friendly helpful staff. The Dr Walia did awesome job with the implant process. Recovery has been way better than expected. I also appreciate the customer service the next day

Mike H. | Mar 08, 2022

Excellent experience. I got a gum surgery done, and Dr Chandan was very good and super knowledgeable. I was able to tell he has the experience and expertise. The procedure was super fast and the post operation was very good as he anticipated. I would totally recommend Dr Chandan to anyone who wants to have any dental procedure done. Great experience

Paulo F. | Feb 25, 2022

Dr. Walia is one of the nicest most professional people that I have dealt with in a long time he stands good to his word he does everything he can to accommodate your schedule with his schedule and there's nobody any better than Erica she is the light that shines around there

Beverly L. | Feb 24, 2022

It was professional,pleasant and helpful.

Yashvir A. | Feb 19, 2022

It’s awesome

Manjit S. | Feb 19, 2022

Dr Walia and staff are the absolute best! No matter what the problem, they have the solution. I highly recommend them.

Beverly L. | Feb 10, 2022

Professional and explained very well

CC B. | Feb 01, 2022

Dr Walia did an excellent job with my implant. Everything was smooth and painless! All staff and dental assistant very friendly and professional. All my questions were answered. All in all a very pleasant experience. Highly recommend Dr Walia.

Karen K. | Jan 21, 2022

Everyone from the front desk staff to the provider were kind, caring, compassionate and professional!

Josey H. | Jan 20, 2022

I had a front tooth removed and a mount installed. It was not near as bad experience as I imagined. Fast and far less pain. I am happy with the great service

Craig T. | Jan 19, 2022

User-friendly and professional.

Timothy Y. | Jan 08, 2022

Excellent job no pain

Pedro S. | Dec 18, 2021

It was scary at first but, the staff was great

Patrick C. | Dec 18, 2021

Every time I go in I'm greeted by the most pleasant staff. As much as I don't like going to get any dental work done, I enjoy my time at this office. They are all very kind and they truly care about their patients

Beverly L. | Dec 08, 2021

I had a great experience. The doctor was quite efficient.

Sindhu J. | Dec 06, 2021

Good place & everyone was professional and groovy.

Voyken S. | Dec 04, 2021

Excellent care. My treatment was practically painless and the needed didn’t take to long.

Scott P. | Dec 04, 2021

Very clean, friendly, explained everything in detail very well.

Joseph C. | Nov 10, 2021

Very professional and satisfying visit.The staff is very helpful and courteous.Always best.

Yashvir A. | Nov 09, 2021

I went from being worried about my procedure to being treated with gentleness and kind words from both the dentist and assistant. I am very blessed to have found this place. Thank you guys!!

Luis G. | Nov 07, 2021

Very friendly staff

Pedro S. | Nov 04, 2021

Relaxed. But Dr. Was awesome. Very business but really nice. I appreciate his professionalism.

Barbara H. | Nov 03, 2021

Walia is on his game. The best at implants and customer service.

Kenneth Z. | Oct 20, 2021

I have always been terrified of Dentists And when I found out I had to have several teeth pulled I was trembling. Dr Walia was fantastic Everything was done in a flash I really didn't feel much at all. His compassion for the patient exceeds any MD or Dentist I have ever seen. Thank you for making this a great experience. I would recommend this Dr. To everyone

Pamela R. | Oct 16, 2021

I was in the office last week and my opinion hasn't changed. I still would recommend Dr Walia and his staff to ANYONE needing their expertise. The entire staff is absolutely wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, and sincerely care about their patients. You will be very happy with the work they do.

Beverly L. | Sep 01, 2021